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According to international law, states are the main duty bearers of human rights. However, in many areas, weaker states are not capable of protecting human rights effectively. Here, multinationals are often more powerful; and the argument has been brought forward that they might be able to step in and foster human rights. At the same time, gross human rights violations and instances of complicity are reported in the media every day.

The workshop (June 7-8, 2012), organized by the human rights group within Transatlantic Doctoral Academy on Corporate Responsibility (TADA) discussed these issues and developed a research agenda (see Results and Report)

Results and Report

We now provide the following documents from the workshop:

Proposed Research Agenda pdf
2-page Summary pdf
Long Report pdf
Abstracts, Bios, Programme pdf
Pictures zip (88Mb)
Slides and Papers see below or as zip (8Mb)

Guest Speakers

Todd Landman

Professor of Government | University of Essex
Director of the Institute for Democracy and Conflict Resolution

Florian Wettstein

Professor of Business Ethics| Universität St. Gallen
Co-Director of the Institute for Business Ethics

Maria Prandi

Head of the Business and Human Rights at the School for a Culture of Peace | Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Global Compact Expert Group on Responsible Business and Investment in High-Risk Areas


Nicole Janz Cambridge, UK Organizer
Adriana Orellana Université de Lausanne Organizer
Rocio Robinson St Gallen University Organizer
Jordi Vives i Gabriel St Gallen University Organizer [slides]
Damiano de Felice LSE [slides]
Allen Radtke Essex, UK [full paper]
Valeria Cavotta Université de Lausanne [slides]
Irene Pietropaoli Middlesex University, UK


The Transatlantic Doctoral Academy on Corporate Responsibility (TADA) brings together international PhD students who are dealing with questions of corporate responsibility/business ethics. It funds conferences and workshops. TADA is interdisciplinary and open to PhD students of all academic disciplines. The four organizers of this workshop are members of the human rights group within TADA.

We are also thankful for a financial contribution from the Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development. The foundation is committed to “development with a human face” and wants to help promote the emergence of a lasting social environment where human rights are guaranteed, basic needs are satisfied and there is maximum possible equality of opportunity and social justice for all.


June 7-8, 2012
St Gallen University


Nicole Janz
Adriana Orellana
Rocio Robinson
Jordi Vives i Gabriel